October. 17. 2023|Food

Freehouse Collective launches refreshed food and drink menus for fall

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Summer has turned into fall, and just as surely as sweaters and raincoats are pulled out of storage and flip-flops around the house are replaced by fuzzy slippers, appetites begin to crave dishes and drinks which warm the soul and keep the bite of the weather at bay.

Winter Favourites

The food and beverage teams at Freehouse Collective have been hard at work refreshing the menus to offer fresh new creations in harmony with the season and packed with enticing flavours and delicious ingredients.

Smoked Gouda Burger
Coppa & Smoked Gouda Pizza

Alongside signature dishes loved year-round, new items like the Bulgogi Beef or Tofu Baguette, Chicken Parm Sliders, Seafood Chowder, and Vadouvan Curry Bowl will quickly become favourite ways to warm up and fuel up through the fall and winter months.

Cajun Chicken & Greens

Burger and pizza lovers get seasonal options to enjoy like a Bacon + Smoked Gouda Burger or a Coppa & Smoked Gouda Pizza. Need a pick-me-up? Treat yourself to a Vietnamese Coffee Tiramisu spiked with rich Vietnamese coffee & condensed milk.

Bulgogi Baguette
Vietnamese Coffee Tiramisu

Raise Your Glass

And while no one will ever be judged for ordering the occasional out-of-season spritz, the new drinks lists showcase more options built around dark spirits and warm smoky flavours to cut through the cold and leave senses tingling. In Vancouver, the Revolver blends Woodford Reserve bourbon, Kahlua, orange bitters, and flamed orange zest for a sophisticated citrus cocktail. In Toronto, the new cocktails list includes the Express Train with Local Spirit Distilling Co. vodka 8, espresso, cinnamon toast crunch syrup, house-made coffee liqueur, and vegan foam for a classic, aromatic cocktail that will chase the winter chill away.


New menu food and drink selections vary from location. Check the menus for your favourite Freehouse Collective locations and treat your tastebuds soon.