Miracle in Gastown

Clough Club is bringing the holidays to the heart of Gastown

Feeling festive

From head to mistletoe

The festive season comes to Clough Club with Miracle in Gastown, bringing the famous holiday cocktail pop up, retro-kitsch décor and playful vibes to Vancouver. With a list of festive cocktails and food, warm welcomes, and tinsel-wrapped good times, Miracle in Gastown will warm the heart of even the biggest Christmas grinch.

Jingle all the Bells

Exclusively at Clough Club

Named for Gastown’s old-timey, one armed lamp lighter, this trendy cocktail den with vintage flair and irrelevant spirit will have you down a rabbit hole with its educated cocktailers steering the ship with unapologetically strong, adult drinks.

Gather round the table

What's on the menu

  1. 01

    Pecan & Cheddar Cheese Balls made with Ritz crackers and fried sage

  2. 02

    Holiday Dinner Dog made with turkey sausage, stuffing, cranberry, mashed potato, and gravy

  3. 03

    Kevin's Mac 'n Cheese made with Scooby Doo pasta and truffle white cheddar sauce

  4. 04

    Gingerbread Dunkaroos made with all butter cookie, candy cane, and vanilla frosting

Drink List

Cocktails to lift your spirits

The Miracle Origin Story

Greg Boehm

This Miracle holiday pop-up was born in 2014 in NYC’s East Village when cocktail maven Greg Boehm took the advice of his mom and turned his under-construction cocktail bar space into a temporary holiday-themed bar. Instantly swarmed by holiday-loving crowds, he knew he had a hit. The idea grew to 4 locations in 2015 and, now in its 10th year, it has become a worldwide holiday favourite.

November 23rd - December 31st

Naughty or nice, seating is limited so make sure to put your name on our list

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