March. 16. 2022|What's On

Donnelly Group Makes Way to Freehouse Collective

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Our team has weathered many a storm. These last two years however, were unlike any we’d experienced before. It nearly broke us physically, mentally, and financially.

Surviving is a testament to the strength of our people. 

As business now bounds back with optimism and exuberance, our people are put to the test once more. This time however, in a manner worth reveling in as guests return to our home, pubs and cocktail clubs — the houses we’ve kept at the ready.

We serve people for a living. It’s our passion.

Churchill once said “Never let a good crisis go to waste” and as such we’ve taken time through this ordeal to be introspective — listen to our people, our communities, and our customers — and in doing so, give our hospitality team and the house of brands they operate, a newfound identity.

As such, Donnelly Group makes way to Freehouse Collective.

Freehouse is perhaps less of a rebrand and more of a refounding. This change comes with a newly minted yet always existing belief system, core values and philosophies to ensure our legacy sees many more bright decades of service and empathy.

It is followed by some exciting openings in Vancouver and Toronto, a renewed focus on product, notably with Chef Mike Robbins collaborating on our food programs, and many fresh ideas we hope will embolden this new social reality we all find ourselves in.

We believe good hospitality is seen, and great hospitality is felt. Because of this belief, we aspire to make people feel at home in our house. 

Consider this your invitation.